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Petite Truffle is here to help you organise your home or workspace. Consultations can provide useful tips and ideas to keep you in control of your spaces and with personalised sessions I can clear away the clutter and create an organised space for you

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Professional Services

Organise your space

When tidying up your house is an issue for you it might be the best idea to leave it to a professional. Hire me for this service and learn how I work for the needs of each client, ensuring the results you need and deserve.


Full of ideas to give

I have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes my way. Whether you would like to go for luxury or budget I can suggest individual ideas that suit your life style.


Petite Truffle is committed to getting the job done securely. We are covered with insurance and I am DBS checked. All the work I do or the information collected are all kept confidentially.


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