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All About Petite Truffle

Little things for your life

I am a professional organiser. If you are struggling to keep things tidy or want to get rid of stuff but you have no idea where to start then I am there for you!!

It might be a difficult decision to show your personal space to somebody you don’t know and you may feel embarrassed. However don’t be!! We each have our own lifestyle. I am not here to judge you. I am here to help you.

Here is the short story of Petite Truffle for you to get to know me. I’m from Japan, married and mum to a boy. Petite Truffle first started as a vintage/antique collector to customers in Japan. Whilst doing that I found I was happy making little things with gorgeous fabrics from the UK. That developed Petite Truffle to a new theme with handmade items. After a few years my little son grew up and my aim in life changed. Then I started my own business as a cleaner. As well as cleaning, one of my clients asked me to help organise their spare room and remove some of the old things. I have loved tidying and organising since I was little and the cleaner job made me realise how much I love organising more than cleaning. During lock down in 2020-2021 I wasn’t able to keep working through the COVID-19 pandemic and this gave me time to think about my next step and how I wanted to become a professional organiser!!

Petite Truffle has this motto “little things for your life”. In this new journey I'd like to find peoples little treasures which might be their time, their space, something hidden among their house or in their heart.

What do I do??

“Professional Organisers offer guidance, encouragement, support, strategies and practical help to help clients to organise various aspects of their homes, offices and/or lives.”

This is the definition from the Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers (APDO) which I have completed their training course on how to be a professional organiser. For starting my new professional life here I am concentrating organising house (bedrooms, utility area, kitchen, bathrooms, small home office etc.). In the future I would love to expand my skill to offices and people’s lives. I will only work at your pace and make sure you are happy.   

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