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Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Life doesn't go as you expect but that is a life isn’t it? Train time delays because of train accident and find water leak under shower tray when you start planning work on your house! Life goes on!!

I’ve still been creative while I can.

Pic one

I was given this beautiful handmade paper from Asia from my client. i wrapped up a little mango wood bowl which I bought for my aunt. Lovely out come.

Pic 2

I had an order of masks from my sister in law. They are going to be Christmas presents she said. Very organised. I might steal that idea as I love making these masks!

Pic 3

Part of being a professional organiser is to sell my client‘s unwanted things. I carefully inspect them and take most of them to charity but when they are not suitable for charity or can be quite a bit of return to client, I sell them. I do repair them now and then.

Love craft and sewing!!

Happy tidying✨ nasu

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