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Saying good bye to your belongings

Sometimes it's very difficult to let things go.

One of my beliefs is that things have their spirits. It might be a Japanese thing. When we come to the old stuff we are no longer able to use or is completely broken, my son used to say to the stuff "thank you" before we threw them away. Which comes from me as when I needed him to let things go I told him they worked hard for us and we have to say bye and thank you. He is a teenager now so I'm not sure what he is doing to his stuff but I hope he does this in his mind as I always do.

I upcycle and mend stuff. I do want things loved by us to leave us happily to people in need of them. One of my services include selling clients' items. I make sure they are functioning and get cleaned then safely handed to the next owners.

The photos are some of many left from my hand to the others recently.

Happy tidying✨


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