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Spring clearing week

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

I am taking part in this exciting opportunity! I’m member of APDO and am proud to be a part of them.

For you in the Petite Truffle community to contribute you can have some fun with me during spring clearing week. Keep an eye on my face book page!

Down below is from APDO page for you to get to know what this spring clearing week is.

Spring Clearing Week, 21 – 27 March 2022:

Clear For Calm 🐖

Launched in 2018, Spring Clearing Week is APDO’s annual initiative to help the UK to declutter. APDO’s members across the UK and beyond will be advising and encouraging you to clear your home and spaces to create a calmer environment. Over the last two year’s our physical and mental health have become more important than ever so this year we really want to help you to look more closely at the spaces you inhabit, how they make you feel and what benefits you can gain from clearing any clutter that does not serve you.

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